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1100 Airport Road; Godfrey, IL 62035                        618-208-0426
How big is your program?
​We have five classrooms. We are licensed for 50 children.
Our infant room has 5 children in it with 2 teachers (Squire)
Our toddler room has 10 children with 3 teachers (Explorers)
Our three year old room has 12 children with 2 teachers (Crusaders)
Our Preschool Program has 12 children with 2 teachers (Jr. Apprentice) 
Our School Age Program has 11 children with 1 teacher. (Knights)
How do children in the School Age program get to Little Knights?
Alton School District buses students from Lewis and Clark, North, West and Gilson Brown Elementary.
We do not offer a summer program for any new students. Our summer program is only for the school aged already enrolled in our program during the school year. Our preschool graduates get first spots of openings in our school age room.

Little Knights, Frequently asked Questions
Why is the waitlist so long for your center?

The average wait list time to get into Little Knights is about 15 months. This is because our class sizes are small, and also very low turnover rate. Most of our children stay in the program from Infant through Preschool. When a family adds another child, those children get to go to the top of the wait list as we like to keep families together at the same center. 
What are your hours?
We are open Monday through Friday. 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. We are open later than most centers in the area. This allows parents who might work further away time to get through evening traffic. 
Do you do anything with the community?
​Yes! We know that community is important! We partner with the garden program based out of SIUE to grow and learn about flowers in the spring.
We partner with some of the assisted living facilities around our area, and do activities with the Village of Godfrey. 
​Every August we also have community helpers that allow small businesses from our area to talk to our children about their business, as well as all those heros in our area. 
What Qualifications does your staff have?
*All of our staff have current CPR and First Aid training.
*All lead teachers have a degree in Early Childhood
*The Director has a Masters in Early Childhood, and also is Car Seat Certified to make sure we can help each family with all their child's needs. No matter Infant, Toddler, Preschool or School Age.
Have more questions? 
Call Little Knights at 618-208-0426,
We would love to answer your question or show you around!
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