Squires Room (6 weeks - 15 Months)
Little Knights Squires Room cares for children from 6 weeks to 15 months.  In the Infant Room scheduled activities are based on each child’s individual needs. These activities include all of the following: Diaper Changes, Bottle Feeding, Tummy Time, One on One Time, Swing Time, Exersaucer/Jumper Time, Floor Time, and One Art Time Weekly. The schedule is kept flexible enough to meet the varied needs and demands. By the time they leave this room they can walk and drink from a sippy cup.
Little Knights  
Little Knights opened in May 2013. If you and your child are looking for quality child care, you have come to the right place.  
Explorers Room (15 months - 2.5 years)
Our Explorers Room is exciting and full of energy! We work with the children on developing social skills that help bond lasting friendships, as well as skills they will need as they grow. We work on large motor skills such as walking, jumping with two feet off the ground, balancing and self-feeding; as well fine motor skills such as holding crayons with tripod grasp, language skills that include saying parent’s names, identifying shapes, colors, body parts, and animals. We also create at least two art projects a week, as well as constant interacting with other children and teachers during free play.  
Crusaders Room (2.5 - 3.5 years)
The Crusaders Room is a fun and exciting learning environment! We encourage the children to work on potty training, drinking from an open cup, and sharing while playing with others. Our fine motor activities include grasp and pinch, and wrist movement. We work with our children to trace their names, as well as letters, numbers, and shapes. Our large motor activities include hopping, balancing, throwing, and kicking. Our classroom is a safe, loving environment for children to learn and grow.
Jr Apprentice Program (3.5 - 6 years)
The purpose of our Jr Apprentice (Preschool) Program is to  prepare your child for a lifetime of learning. We do this by working on social skills through an abundance of interaction with peers and teachers; while we enhance their fine and gross motor skills through a variety of fun learning activities. In addition our introduction to early literary skills will be sure to have your preschooler ready for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning!
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Knights Program (6 - 12 years)
In the Knights Program our school-aged students learn by doing fun activities. Our main focus is science exploration, but we also work on simple math, reading, writing and deductive reasoning. Each week we perform a different science experiment based on our lesson for that week. Since this classroom is made up of a vast age range, we like to run on a student government type environment. The kids really enjoy the opportunity to choose what they do and learn independence as they grow. We can only take Alton School Distict (North, Lewis and Clark, West, and Gilson Brown) kids.
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Waiting List Available 
Waiting List Available 
Waiting List Available 
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