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1100 Airport Road; Godfrey, IL 62035                        618-208-0426
Each child receives loving care and attention in one of our age appropriate rooms. We play developmentally appropriate games for each age group ranging from working on ABC's and pre-school skills for the older kids, to Tummy Time for infants.  While providing your child with a safe place to play and nutritious meals. We love each child as if he or she were our own.

At Little Knight's, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social and academic development of children. Kids learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child's unique learning style. Our kids enjoy hands on activities that are provided daily.
Our Activities Include:
Singing & Dancing
Outdoor play
Social development
Story time
Large and fine motor skill development
Circle time
Letter recognition
Character building activities
Self help activities
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Squires  (Infants - 6 Weeks to 15 Months)
• Diaper Changes
• Bottle Feeding 
• Tummy Time
• One on One Time
• Swing Time
• Exersaucer/Jumper Time
• Floor Time
• One Art Time Weekly

The schedule is kept flexible enough to meet the varied needs and demands, of each individual child.​
Explorers  (Toddlers - 15 Months to 2.5 Years)
• Walking
• Jumping
• Balancing
• Self-feeding
• Coloring
• Language skills 
• Identifying shapes, colors,      and animals 

We also create art projects, as well as constant interacting with other children and teachers during free play.
Crusaders  (2.5 Years to 3.5 Years)
• Potty training
• Drinking from an open cup
• Sharing with others
• Tracing letters, numbers,         and shapes
• Hopping
• Balancing
• Kicking 
• Throwing

The Crusaders Room is a fun and exciting learning environment! Our classroom is a safe, loving environment for children to learn and grow.
Jr Apprentice  (3.5 Years to 6 Years)
• Social skills
• Building Friendships
• Coloring in the Lines
• Counting
• Reading
• Writing
• Building
In addition our introduction to early literary skills will be sure to have your preschooler ready for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning!
The purpose of our Preschool Classroom is to prepare your child for a lifetime of learning. 
Knights  (6 Years to 12 Years)
• Science
• Simple Math
• Reading
• Writing
• Deductive Reasoning
• Student Lead Curriculum
• Independence

Due to the larger age and skill range of our students, our curriculum is different for each student.  We base many lessons on Science Exploration, but help our students grow with a number of other educational courses.